Durham West Arts Centre

Durham West Arts Centre's 2007 AGM


Durham West Arts Centre's 4th AGM, Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shashi Bhatia and Geordie Lishman (49kb) Angie Littlefield and Geordie Lishman (56kb) Angie Littlefield and Joan Wideman (68kb) Ashok and Shashi Bhatia and Mike Ruta (40kb)
Dave Ryan and Mike Ruta (62kb) Dave Ryan (59kb) Don Terry and John Sabean (36kb) Don Terry, Dave Johnson, Barry Johnson, Gord Zimmerman, Ashok Bhatia, Rosalie Johnson and Angie Littlefield (38kb)
Ennio Paola (65kb) Ilija Blanusa (47kb) John Sabean and Dave Stone (45kb) Maria Watt and Shelley Beach (57kb)
Pam Auguste and Sharon Steinhaus (57kb) Councillor Dave Pickles, David Green, DWAC Treasurer, Don Terry - OPG and John Sabean, DWAC Chair (29kb) Quito Maggi and Dave Johnson (61kb) Sharon Steinhaus, Gary Faulkner, Maria Watt and Shelley Beach (34kb)
Sharon Steinhaus, Pam Auguste and Shelley Beach (47kb) Shashi Bhaita and Angie Littlefield (56kb) Mayor Steve Parish (60kb) Shashi Bhatia and Geordie Lishman (40kb)
David Stone (69kb) Joan Wideman, Mike Ruta, Dave Ryan, Quito Maggi and Mayor Steve Parish  (51kb)    

Photography by Mary Cook©

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