What is DWAC?
The Durham West Arts Centre is a 'hub' organization working to establish links with artists, arts groups and arts lovers. We want to meet and talk to the groups and individuals who are willing to help build the infrastructure
for a permanent arts centre
in Ajax-Pickering.


Reading and Remembrance 2006

Partner: City of Pickering

Partner: Pine RidgeArts Council

Pickering Village BIA


Cyber Art Gallery


Cyber Gallery Featured Artists:

Ruth Abernethy thumbnails http://ruthabernethy.com/

Hanneke Koonstrathumbnails

Cyrus Davidthumbnails

Feng Leithumbnails

Do you have what it takes to be a DWAC Cyber Gallery featured artist?

Download pdf Cyber Gallery info sheet.

WEBSITE: dwac.ca • EMAIL: info@dwac.ca

Media release. July

DWAC’s Cyber Gallery: pathway to the world

The talents of west Durham will soon be launched into the world through DWAC’s new Cyber Gallery, on DWAC’s very popular website. The huge amount of cyber-traffic presents wonderful opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents. Artists who have a site will benefit by another listing and artists considering a site get into cyber space at very little cost – $100. Location, location, location is what makes real estate valuable—physical or cyber. Businesses want to be in a high traffic location and DWAC is a high traffic website.

Although DWAC won’t act as agent for the local artists, the artists may post contact information and if she or he has a website, DWAC will create a hyperlink to it. Even though the Cyber Gallery will feature a new artist every two months, at least 12 of each artist’s images, an artist’s statement, short biography and contact information will stay on the website for a year. The featured artists will be selected by a DWAC committee. “We’re starting with Feng Lei, a Chinese artist”, says Executive Director, Angie Littlefield, “whose works I saw on a recent trip to China. When I heard the story of his life during the Cultural Revolution, I thought that DWAC could help Mr. Lei and he us. He volunteered to serve as the model for the Cyber Gallery while DWAC developed the Cyber Gallery protocols. His works have never before been seen in North America.”

Of the six artists featured annually, the recently developed DWAC Cyber Gallery protocols require four to be residents of Durham Region. The other requirements are available in pdf form. The call for local artists will soon go out. “Our Vision Statement says that the Durham West Arts Centre will bring the arts of the world to Durham and the arts of Durham to the world”, adds John Sabean, DWAC chair. “The Cyber Gallery certainly advances that Vision”!

The Durham West Arts Centre (DWAC) endeavours to present the best quality of the artist’s images. As monitors etc. vary, we regret any visual irregularities.

The Durham West Arts Centre Cyber Gallery exists to bring the arts of Durham to the world and the arts of the world to Durham. While our website features artists, we are NOT their agents. Purchasing, shipping and financing through private contact with the artist and/or his or her agent(s) are not the responsibility of the Durham West Arts Centre.

In the event that you have a dispute with one or more Cyber Gallery artists, you agree to release DWAC directors, agents and employees from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

DWAC does not control the accuracy of the information provided by the Cyber Artists which is made available through our website. Please use caution, common sense and practice safe trading when using the website.

By using the DWAC website, you agree to accept such risks. The Durham West Arts Centre is not responsible for the acts or omissions of its website users.

The Durham West Arts Centre exists to create, manage, and operate a centre for the advancement and promotion of artistic disciplines, and related activities throughout the community, for the benefit of the residents of the Regional Municipality of Durham, and the Province of Ontario.