Durham West Arts Centre

2008 Survey questions for Research Project to Build an Arts Centre in Durham

Age:     11-21     22-31     32-41     42-51     52-61     62-71     72-81     82-91

Male     Female

Are you a resident of Durham Region?     Yes     No

How many times have you visited a gallery in the last year?

   Never    Once  2-5 times   more than 5

What was the main reason for your visit(s)?     

Where was the gallery located?     

If classes existed in an arts centre, i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance, etc.
would you, your children or parents be interested in them?     Yes     No

How many concerts or performances have you attended in the last year?

   None One   2-5 more than 5

Where were they located?     

What type of performances were they?     

What type of performance do you enjoy the most?

    live theatre
    concerts     dance     symphonies     choirs     opera     comedy     movies

If Ajax/Pickering had a first class arts centre with an event you were interested in attending, what ticket price would you feel comfortable paying?

   $10-$20     $21-$30     $31-$40     $41-$50     $51-$75

Are you interested in receiving information on the development of a permanent Arts Centre in Durham?

   Yes     No

If yes, please provide us with your email address so we can keep you updated!  

What would you like to see included in an arts centre?     

What was your estimated household spending on live performing arts events in the last year?     

Would you support the building of an Arts Centre in the Durham area?     Yes     No

Thank you for your time in supporting the arts!

If you have any questions please call 905.492.2522 or 905.492.2533