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The Durham West Arts Centre is a 'hub' organization working to establish links with artists, arts groups and arts lovers. We host exhibitions, activities and events at the Centre as attractors. We want to meet and talk to the groups and individuals who are willing to help build the infrastructure for a permanent arts centre in Ajax-Pickering.

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Reading and Remembrance pdf downloads: Certificate of Participation, Colour Poster (large file), letter to Directors of Education, pdf Sign-Up Form, on-line Sign-Up Form, Unique Projects (links will be placed here when the material is available to download)
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In the year the Canadian Government declared "The Year of the Veteran", let schools ring out with pride as thousands of young people read John McCrae's "In Flanders Fields". Reading and Remembrance: a provincial project honours veterans. By joining this special reading activity, at 2:11 p.m. on Nov. 11, young people will feel what it meant for veterans to be part of a common cause.

The Durham West Arts Centre, a charitable arts organization, proposes this not-for-profit project to honour veterans and to focus on reading and literacy as a new common cause. Registered schools receive support materials and information about a future voluntary literacy mentoring program involving veterans, service people and their families.

Dear Educator,

Register a class, a school or a whole Board. The pdf sign up form is also on-line. Please mail it so that we may track an approximate number of participants to publicize support for Canadian veterans to veterans, their families and to the public. Your school's name will light up our Year of the Veteran Honour Scroll to be presented to the Royal Ontario Legion and Veterans Affairs Canada by a child you may nominate for the honour. You may also download the Certificate of Participation to present as a special honour.

We know that schools will participate in commemorative activities at 11:11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2005 . Remembrance Day is a special event in Ontario's schools. The project provides resource materials to support commemoration, set the scene for Reading and Remembrance and to follow up with extension activities. The support materials include suggestions for how you may undertake the reading of "In Flanders Fields". You may read in unison, have veterans or guests lead the reading, have students read to other students, plan choral readings, sing the poem, or come up with your own creative ideas. If you respond with unique proposals for what you plan to do by Oct. 14, 2005, our website will feature your diverse ways of reading - as will the press.

To ease participation in Reading and Remembrance and to ensure recognition for your participation, we will include downloadable materials. Please use information from the letter to Directors of Education, print off as many posters and flyers as you like and use materials from Make Your Own Press Release to get your initiative into local papers and onto local cable. As you make 'history' in your community, you honour veterans' histories.

2005, The Year of the Veteran, is an opportunity to honour the few of many who have survived to this day. As well as the passive minute of silence where we reflect on the sacrifices of service men and women, let children ACT at 2:11 p.m. on Nov. 11 th in The Year of the Veteran to show they understand what it means to be part of a common cause. Please participate in Reading and Remembrance: a provincial project, 2005.

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