What is DWAC?
The Durham West Arts Centre is a 'hub' organization working to establish links with artists, arts groups and arts lovers. We host exhibitions, activities and events at the Centre as attractors. We want to meet and talk to the groups and individuals who are willing to help build the infrastructure for a permanent arts centre in Ajax-Pickering.

Partners and Sponsors
2005 Year of the Veteran Partner: OPG

DWAC's Provincial Project

Reading and Rememberance Project
Learning Materials On-Line 2005, 2006 2007

List of 2005 participating schools.

Some secondary materials are appropriate for grades 6-8 and some elementary arts activities are appropriate for the secondary level. Shop around. If you have created materials you'd like to see included as a resource for other educators, send them to angie.littlefield@dwac.ca

Secondary learning materials:

Elementary learning materials:

  • www.thememoryproject.com - excellent Bilingual website with oral histories, speakers by area, digital archives and study units
  • www.vac-acc.gc.ca - Veterans Affairs Canada. Bilingual site with youth/educator button at top, materials for Remembrance Day and a unit "The Aboriginal Spiritual Journey" (English)
  • All About Poppies from the Royal Canadian Legion website: THE POPPY ... THE FLOWER OF REMEMBRANCE gives an overview of John McCrae.
    FLOWER OF REMEMBRANCE: SYMBOL OF UNITY The author speaks of the need for Canadian unity. It ends with the sentence, "The poppy, then, is a reminder of the need: a challenge to each of us to seek out that spirit of unity which sustained our forefathers and our country."
  • Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, Belleville
  • The seed from the poppy is often used in baking and cooking. For example, many bagels are covered in poppy seeds and Poppy seeds are used in recipes for muffins, cakes and breads. An extensive data base of Poppy Seed Recipes can be found at http://www.poppyseed.org/html_recipes
  • The War Amps have quite a number of videos available to purchase or borrow which would be appropriate for class use. There are also nine music videos which are part of the War Amps Military Heritage Documentary Series. The videos may be ordered on line and require about two weeks for delivery. The videos vary in length from four minutes to 57 minutes. The most recent addition to the collection is a video produced for the Year of the Veteran. Music videos are available at http://www.waramps.ca/video/music.html
  • Radio minute on John McCrae www.histori.ca/minutes/minute.do?id=13540
  • Video minute is www.histori.ca/minutes/minute.do?id=10200
  • War and Art by accessing the National War Museum at http://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/warart_e.html there are four categories to access teaching materials that could be very useful. By clicking on the picture of the category you wish to explore you open a one aspect of this subject. The headings are Art and War (Australia, Britain, and Canada in the Second World War), Canvas of War (Masterpieces from the National War Museum), Military Munnings (Alfred Munnings one of England's finest painters of horses led a series of post war commissions), Second World War: Canada's War Artists Perspective (Canadian Painters participated in the War Records produced accurate images of fighting men, machinery, and the landscape of war).

  • What we remember. Remembrance day occurs in Canada each November 11. It is a day of national commemoration for the more than 100,000 Canadians who have dies in Military service. The costs for Canada, with its relatively small population, have been substantial. At http://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/remember/remembranceday_e.html. There is a chart which gives the statistics of population, numbers who served, as well as the number that died or were wounded in each of the major conflicts that Canada has taken part.
  • Another superb World War I site is www.great.war.nl All materials are available to download from this Dutch site.

Press Releases sent:

October, PR 1, PR2, PR3

Honour Roll of schools registered for Reading and Remembrance 2005

Reading and Remembrance pdf downloads: Certificate of Participation, Colour Poster (large file), letter to Directors of Education, Make your own Press Kit, Participating Schools/Boards, Resource Materials, pdf Sign-Up Form, On-Line Sign-Up form, Unique Projects.

Photography by Angie Littlefield

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